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If you are nervous about how the courts will ask questions regarding the determination of custody in your case, this is a natural concern. Anyone going through a custody issue should be prepared for what an interrogatory process looks like, which involves questions being asked of parents or even outside parties.

Getting Help with Interrogatories

Are you currently going through a New Jersey child custody case and are concerned about protecting your rights and fighting as hard as possible to be able to spend time with your children? You’re not alone. A child custody case can be one of the most nerve-wracking and overwhelming parts of going through your divorce and being prepared can help to ease your fears.

Child Custody In New Jersey

One of the most sensitive areas for your divorce attorney to handle is a child custody case. In the process of going through the determination for child custody, interrogatories are used to ask questions of involved parties. Being prepared with how to respond to these interrogatories can make you feel more confident about going forward. Some of the most common questions asked in this process include;

  • If the defendant or plaintiff was suspended, expelled or otherwise disciplined in an educational institution.
  • Whether or not the defendant or plaintiff has any brothers or sisters.
  • What kinds of different personality characteristics does each party bring to their life and their parenting role?
  • Has there been any history of suicide or attempted suicide in the extended family for the defendant or plaintiff?
  • Have the defendant or plaintiff or the person being interviewed used drugs in the past 10 years?
  • If the defendant or plaintiff has been evaluated by a psychologist or a psychiatrist?

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Each of these questions are just a small sampling of what could be asked during the interrogatory process and there may be additional follow up questions based on how a person chooses to answer. This is why it is important for anyone who is contemplating filing for divorce to understand the many ways that a child custody case can be affected.