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Representative Cases

Representative Cases


In May of 2017, Ms. Jerejian tried one of the first cases in Bergen County where the Complaint was brought under the relatively new Sexual Assault Survivor Protection Act (“SASPA”). SASPA authorizes the court to
issue protective orders for victims of certain non-consensual sexual conduct. It is designed to provide similar protection to that afforded under the Domestic Violence Act, to certain victims of sexual assault. Ms.
Jerejian’s client was accused of sexually assaulting a relative of his landlord. Ms. Jerejian was successful at trial as the judge ruled in her client’s favor, finding that the Plaintiff’s allegations were not substantiated
and the Temporary Protective Order was dismissed.


  • Represented Bergen County husband in complex divorce, involving equitable distribution of numerous assets, including businesses, real property and investments.


  •  Successfully represented aunt in emergency application for custody of niece who had lived with her for several years, over objection of natural mother who abruptly removed child from her home.
  •  Successfully represented mother after trial on application to change custody from father .


  • Successfully obtained dismissal of a Final Restraining Order for Las Vegas man after a contested domestic violence hearing.
  • Successfully obtained Final Restraining Order against abusive boyfriend after full Domestic Violence trial for Bergen County woman.
  • Successfully obtained dismissal of Temporary Restraining Order for male college student after trial brought on by break up of relationship.
  • Successfully obtained dismissal of Temporary Restraining order after trial for husband accused of sexual assault and harassment.


  • Client obtained reversal on appeal of a death sentence by the New Jersey Supreme Court of a man convicted of the murder of his girlfriend who was found with her throat slashed in the parking lot of a Hilton Hotel after she threatened to leave him. State v. Chew, 179 N.J. 186 (2002)
  • Aggravated assault charge downgraded to Municipal Court.
  • Successfully argued motion for downward Tier Classification under Megan’s Law.
  • Successfully argued motion for removal from Megan’s Law registration requirements.

Published Cases:

  • State v. Martinez, 370 N.J. Super. 49 (App. Div. 2004)
  • State v. Maxwell, 301 N.J. Super. 502 (Law Div. 2001)