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Child Support In New Jersey

If you and your spouse or partner have a child together and are separated, you will likely be involved in some way with child support. New Jersey recognizes the need for both parents to financially support their children. Often, the parent with less physical custody will be required to pay some form of child support to the primary custodian. Here are answers to your most important New Jersey child support questions.

How Much Child Support Will I Pay?

If you are the payer of child support, how much you pay each month is determined by your income and some of your expenses. For example, the state of New Jersey will calculate the amount of child support you owe when you provide them with proof of income, and they will also take into account if you are already paying child support for other children. Generally speaking, the state will not order to you to pay more child support than you can afford.

What If I Can’t Pay Child Support?

If you have a job change or another issue that affects your ability to pay child support, it is critical that you reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. You may be able to have your child support order modified so you are not paying as much child support while your income is decreased. However, stopping payments or paying less than what you owe without requesting a formal modification can result in significant negative consequences.

What If My Child’s Other Parent Isn’t Paying Child Support Like They Should?

If your child’s other parent has been ordered to pay child support and is not paying like they should — either not paying on time or paying a lesser amount than what is owed — you do have legal options available to you. A child support attorney in your area can help you pursue the enforcement of your child support order and can assist you in exploring ways to compel your child’s other parent to pay. You may be able to seek wage garnishment or have the state take back child support out of the payer’s tax refund.

Who Can Help Me With My Child Support Needs?

If you are involved in a child support matter, it is critical that you have adequate legal representation to protect your rights and interests, regardless of which side of the issue you are on. Rita T. Jerejian is an experienced family law attorney who will passionately advocate for a resolution in your favor. Call today for a consultation to discuss your needs at 201.489.7714.