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Children are affected differently by divorce than adults are. Here are several lessons that your kids will learn during the course of your separation with your spouse, and how you can support your children during the divorce with the help of a caring and compassionate attorney.

1. Marriage Takes a Lot of Work

One thing that children learn about during a divorce is how much work keeping a marriage together actually is. Don’t assume that just because you’re getting a divorce you’re setting your kids up to follow in your footsteps. When they do marry, they’re more likely to go into the relationship with realistic expectations about what they need to bring to the table in a marriage.

2. It’s Possible to Get Along With Someone You Don’t Want to Be With

Divorced couples are not automatically required to hate each other. Many divorced couples are able to end things amicably and show their children that it’s possible to be civil and get along with someone who you are no longer in a relationship with.

3. Living Independently is Hard, but Doable

After a divorce, you must learn how to navigate life on your own, and this can be a challenge — especially financially. Your kids will learn how difficult standing on your own two feet can be, but they’ll also learn that it’s entirely doable with dedication and a positive attitude.

4. People Change

Kids learn that over time, the relationship between two people may change. When it changes in a way that makes it impossible to stay together, it’s okay to end a marriage and start over fresh. It’s okay to put a marriage that isn’t working to bed.

5. Everyone Makes Mistakes

During the divorce, it’s likely that each party’s mistakes will be brought forth. You may want to shield your kids from this, but don’t worry — an important lesson for children to learn during a divorce is that everyone makes mistakes and the key is to work hard to improve yourself for the future.

While children can learn critical lessons from divorce, it’s essential that you advocate for their rights and best interests during this time. You can do so with the help of an experienced and compassionate divorce attorney. Rita T. Jerejian, LLC can help you navigate through the murky and often rough waters of divorce, so you and your family can come out on the other side with a brighter future ahead of you. Call today at (201) 489-7714.