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What Is A Gray Divorce?

Gray Divorce is the term used to describe couples that are over the age of 50 and divorcing.  It’s not a phrase that most people have heard of however, it has been in the media as of late due to some recent statistics that have been reported on the increase in Gray Divorces.

How Is A  Gray Divorce Different?

Examing a Gray Divorce from the outside may indeed seem the same as any other divorce, and in many cases, it is the same.  The main differences between a Gray Divorce and the more generally termed uncontested/contested divorce are the ages of the couples involved and how the elements that will be considered for division are handled.

For example; in a Gray Divorce, the likelihood that the marriage was longer may be higher and therefore, the amount of time supported for consideration of things like payments of Alimony or Palimony may also be increased at a higher monetary sum. In the same instance, property, assets and financial divisions may be more in-depth and have more entitlements in terms of how those items are divided. Each case is different, however, these are just some elements that you will want t to discuss with your New Jersey Divorce Lawyer.

Gray Divorce Is Becoming Very Common

As of late, we have seen the media coverage on Gray Divorce and the various reports on how the divorce numbers have doubled for couples over the age of 50.  While this upward tick in Gray Divorce may seem shocking to some, the fact is that after having lived an entire life with a significant other, couples often grow apart.  In the old days, it is said that couples that grew apart, stayed together on paper until after their children came of age and went off to college.  Those days are gone, more and more individuals are looking to find their joy and often, that comes at the price of growing out of a situation that no longers serve either party emotionally.

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Regardless of why you are considering a divorce, the most important part of your journey will be understanding your rights, how the court process works and what you need to move forward.  Rita Jerejian is a compassionate and skilled attorney who is available to assist you.  All contact with our office is confidential, get in touch with me today to learn more about how I can help.