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Moving on after a divorce can be challenging, especially if you have children. However, it’s really not something that’s easy for anyone, even if you were the one who instigated the separation. Here are some ways you can face your post-divorce life with confidence and begin rebuilding.

Recognize Your Loss

The loss of a marriage is much like the loss of a loved one after their passing. Even if divorce was better than continuing the relationship, you still are missing that person in your life. Often, you are missing the person they once were or the person you hoped they’d be. Recognize that loss and grieve it, so you can put it to rest when the time is right.

Spend Time With Your Family

If you have children, take some extra time to focus on them and what their new needs may be after the divorce. They may be feeling lost and unsure of the future too, and reassurance from you can be really valuable to them. Do things together as a family that you all enjoy doing and don’t talk about the divorce. Those conversations can still be had at the appropriate time, but it’s also important to re-establish a new normal with your kids once the divorce dust has settled.

Pay Attention to Your Financial Affairs

One of the most complicated things that post-divorce life brings about is living as a financially independent person. If you’re not used to being in charge financially or living off one income, it may be difficult to adapt and make ends meet. Be extra vigilant about your finances and don’t be afraid to reach out for help from a financial advisor or even a friend who is good with money. By staying on top of your finances as soon as your divorce is over, you can keep it from being one more thing to add to your stress level.

Discuss Moving Forward With Your Divorce Lawyer

Once your divorce is over, that doesn’t necessarily mean you no longer have a need for your divorce lawyer. Your attorney likely has a wealth of information and resources to support an individual beginning their post-divorce life. Stay in touch with your attorney as long as you need to.

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