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Alimony is a sensitive aspect of divorce

Alimony can lead to challenges experienced by both spouses. If you’re considering divorce, or are already going through the divorce process, it’s important that you learn about alimony and how it could affect you. Here’s what you need to know about alimony in New Jersey.

Alimony Is Rarely Ever Permanent

There are several types of alimony that can be awarded in a divorce case, including temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony, and permanent alimony. Contrary to its namesake, permanent alimony is almost never really permanent. This is particularly true in light of the new bill signed by Governor Chris Christie in September of 2014. The new bill is designed to end support payments when the payer retires and will limit alimony payments in cases where the marriage lasted less than 20 years.

There Are Many Factors Used to Calculate Alimony in New Jersey

Before alimony is awarded or declined, the court will take into consideration a variety of factors, including how long the marriage lasted, what each spouse earned during the marriage, the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage, and each spouse’s parental responsibilities, if applicable. Other factors that are evaluated include the mental and physical health of each spouse, the contributions of each spouse to the marriage, and if one spouse put educational or career opportunities on hold in order to be a homemaker or to raise the couple’s children.

Alimony Can Be Modified

If alimony is awarded in your case, you need to know that it may be modified in the future. Certain circumstances that may require a modification to the alimony orders include a change in the income of either spouse, the inability of the recipient spouse to become independent and self-supporting in the original time frame, or if the recipient spouse remarries. Alimony must be modified through the court before the payments can be changed, or legal issues may arise.

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