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Domestic Violence

Bergen County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Hackensack domestic violence attorney protects your family

Sometimes family law issues erupt in violence, or false allegations of violence are made for strategic advantage. Should either of these issues arise,
you want more than a skilled family law or divorce attorney. You want an experienced criminal trial lawyer.

Rita T. Jerejian, LLC, has more than 25 years of experience representing defendants in criminal trials and on appeal. Ms. Jerejian’s in-depth knowledge
of the criminal code and family law make her eminently qualified to protect your rights in any domestic violence dispute.

Safeguarding your children and your parental rights

Unfortunately, children are often caught in the middle of parental conflicts. A frustrated parent may see no way to get back at an ex-spouse except through the children.

What might start as passive-aggressive manipulation of the visitation schedule soon becomes an outright refusal to return the children. Sometimes one parent, seeking to restrict or eliminate the other parent’s visitation rights, fabricates allegations of abuse.

Rita T. Jerejian, LLC, believes that these tactics must be addressed early and opposed vigorously. Ms. Jerejian is a Hackensack domestic violence lawyer who provides the aggressive representation you need to ensure that your children are safe and your parental rights are enforced.

When a restraining order is not enough or is unwarranted

When the situation warrants it, Rita T. Jerejian, LLC, acts quickly to help you secure a temporary restraining order and then move for a permanent restraining order.

While these court orders provide a level of protection, one should never confuse a piece of paper with a suit of armor. A restraining order can be effective against a reasonable person who has something to lose by violating it.

When an irrational individual threatens you, more aggressive remedies may be necessary to keep you safe.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in criminal trials and appeals, Ms. Jerejian successfully advocates for contempt citations that result in jail time for offenders.

However, attorney Rita T. Jerejian is also quite familiar with cases in which an ex-spouse seeks a restraining order merely as part of a personal vendetta. In such instances, Ms. Jerejian, as a skilled criminal defense attorney, can defend you against false allegations that could limit your freedom and restrict your parental rights.

Contact a zealous Bergen County domestic violence lawyer

Rita T. Jerejian, LLC provides vigorous representation in domestic violence cases for clients in Hackensack, Ridgewood, Paramus, and throughout Bergen County.

To schedule an appointment with the firm, call Ms. Jerejian at 201.489.7714 or contact her online.