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Post-Divorce: What Happens Next?

Once a divorce is finalized, most people breathe a sigh of relief. However, in many cases, the legal struggle is far from over. There are many reasons that an individual would need continued legal support after a divorce. Here’s what you need to know.

What Kinds of Legal Issues Arise After a Divorce?

There are many issues that can present themselves after a divorce is finalized, and they often catch people off guard. Often, people will assume that the divorce is over when it’s over, but that’s not always the case. Common legal problems that individuals face after a divorce include:

  • One spouse neglects to adhere to their court ordered obligations regarding alimony, child support, or child custody 
  • One spouse seeks to modify or terminate child support
  • One spouse seeks to modify child custody arrangements in their favor
  • One spouse wishes to relocate

These issues can have a significant impact on a family and need to be handled appropriately and as soon as possible by an experienced divorce attorney.

Can You Get a Modification?

Regardless of whether you are attempting to have your original divorce decree modified or you are strongly opposed to it, it is important to have solid legal representation to back you up. Most courts require overwhelming evidence that clearly shows why the original divorce decree should be modified, and this type of evidence can be difficult to procure. By having an experienced family law attorney on your side, you can more easily obtain the evidence you need to proceed with a modification or to challenge your ex-spouse’s attempt at modification.

Protecting Your Rights in Post-Divorce Matters

In today’s society, the ability to protect your rights in post-divorce matters and to obtain a resolution that is strongly in your favor depends much more on the quality of your legal representation than it does on the actual facts of the case. This can be frustrating for many families and can cause even more stress than the original divorce.

Rita T. Jerejian is a seasoned divorce attorney who understands the unique legal issues that can arise after a divorce. She is committed to providing her clients with solid, compassionate legal representation in post-divorce matters like:

  • child custody modifications
  • child support modifications
  • alimony modifications
  • relocation
  • and more

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