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Behind closed doors, domestic violence affects the lives of an estimated four million individuals — the overwhelming bulk of them woman. Studies reveal that violence in the home happens at least once in two-thirds of all marriages, and about 95% of the casualties of domestic violence are women. Above all, if you are a married domestic violence victim, here’s how to protect yourself.

Are You Currently Concerned About Your Safety? Leave the House

Violence can be a continuous risk. For example, if your partner is violent, protect the security of yourself and your children, if you have them. However, if your safety is not imminently threatened, it may be in your best interest to stay home and discuss your current situation with your attorney. While leaving the house may affect how property is divided during a divorce, sometimes getting out is the only safe alternative.

If Justified, File Criminal Charges

Contact authorities to determine if criminal charges may be filed against your spouse for violence. In many cases, they can be. In fact, criminal charges may help strengthen your case later on in the divorce, and they may also help protect you and your children in the meantime.

Find the Right Solution for You

There’s no one correct answer for all casualties. However, if you are the victim of domestic violence, you may have a number of options available to you.

Included in these are:

  • Evicting your abusive partner and helping you to return to your house
  • Requiring your abusive partner to supply an alternative home for you and your children, if you have them
  • Ordering alimony and/or child support payments
  • Affording you temporary emergency custody of your children, if you have them
  • Issuing orders that prevent your spouse from engaging in harassment or violence against you and/or your children

Rita T. Jerejian is a caring, compassionate divorce lawyer who has helped many spouses, especially women, get out from under violent marriages and protect themselves and their children in the future. If you are experiencing violence in the home, don’t wait to get help. Get out and get to safety, and contact a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. Attorney Jerejian can guide you through the difficult process of obtaining a divorce after domestic violence. Call today for a consultation at 201.489.7714.