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Divorce is a frustrating, time consuming process, which can also be quite expensive. Complicated divorces take their toll on everyone involved, including any children you and your ex-spouse have together. Fortunately, litigation is not the only solution to disagreements during a divorce. Mediation can help provide you with an amicable way to reach a compromise on the differences you and your ex-spouse have. Here’s what you need to know about mediation.

You Can Control the Outcome of Your Divorce

Unlike in a courtroom, mediation allows you to control what you discuss, when you discuss it, and the outcome of the conversation. You have complete control over the decisions that you make, and you are able to decide whether you’ve reached a good solution for your family. At the time of mediation, you also can make the decision to continue discussing alternative options. This allows you to navigate through the various aspects of your divorce more quickly and easily than in a traditional divorce that takes place in a courtroom.

You Have More Confidentiality

Certain aspects of court cases are public, whether you want to keep them private or not. However, by utilizing the process of mediation to resolve your divorce, you can increase your privacy and keep important matters as confidential as possible. With mediation, the only people who are involved are you, your mediator, and your ex-spouse. Discussing sensitive matters is often much easier this way, as opposed to airing out your issues in front of judges, attorneys, and other court officials.

You Can Create a More Detailed Plan For Your Family

No two families are alike, and they should not have the same family plan. Through the process of mediation, you can create a more detailed plan for your family that is conducive to your growth and helps you move forward toward a more positive future. Litigation can confine you to a specific set of rules that may or may not work for your family, while mediation will allow you to create a unique family plan that is tailored to your unique circumstances and individual needs.

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Going through the process of divorce, whether you’re litigating or mediating your separation, can be an overwhelming and emotional process. It’s important that you have a skilled divorce lawyer on your side who will passionately advocate for your rights and provide you with sound legal advice to make important decisions that will affect your family in the long term.

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