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That translates to that you have a higher risk of divorce if at least one member of your immediate circle of friends ends their own marriage.  Researchers identified these results after looking at couples over the course of more than three decades. They identified that if a friend got divorced, the participants were 75% more likely to get divorced on their own.  

If a friend of a friend got divorced, the study participants were 33% more likely to get divorced. If someone did get divorced, they were more likely to marry another person who had also been through a marital dissolution of their own.  The study further identified that divorce participants may feel less popular because they would lose friends from their partner’s social circle, that more popular people were less likely to divorce in the first place, and that newly single people were had the potential to be perceived as threats.  

It might be the breakdown of a friend’s marriage that encourages you to think about your own happiness and next steps. You might realize when you see someone else get the courage to walk away that this possibility is there for you, too. Often, people in friendships with those who are in married couples might be more likely to stay in their own marriage until they’ve been exposed to divorce in some way.

If you are contemplating getting a divorce, it is important to identify a knowledgeable divorce attorney who can help you through this process. Getting divorced can be very overwhelming and it can be difficult to figure out your next steps go forward. The support of an experienced divorce attorney can be especially helpful if you find yourself concerned about how your state laws may influence your ability to receive property and how the court will determine issues such as child custody and child support.  The sooner you engage with a knowledge divorce attorney, the easier it will be for you to figure out the next steps going forward.