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The pressure of adding finances together can be overwhelming for some couples. Over time, those financial concerns break down and cause problems between the couple that ultimately lead to divorce.

There have been plenty of academic studies that have documented the possible problems associated with arguing over money. Arguing over money is a very common reason for couples to ultimately split up and go their separate ways. However, it may be the case that money troubles could bring out the best in your relationship and help you and your partner to thrive. All of this depends on the foundation of the money arguments. Arguing over money is typically associated with being a common predictor of divorce. Couples who argued about money approximately once a week were nearly 40% more likely to get divorced rather than those who argued about finances a few times a month.

A recent study published in the Journal of Family and Economic Issues identified that financial stress can help to build some marriages up rather than tear couples apart. The researchers involved in the study looked at the experiences of couples who went through the great recession. They looked at survey responses that were taken in 2010 and 2011 and had married couples. They also analyzed relationship maintenance behaviors and responses about financial difficulties that occurred prior to and since the recession began.

Many couples who participated in the study said that their commitment to marriages stayed about the same during the recent recession. Although some wives felt economic pressures, they did say that they were more committed if they experienced problems such as getting their hours cut or losing a job.

Those couples who believed that they had financial troubles said that their marriages were stronger. Financial stress may be a common enemy for couples to fight against during this challenging time. If you are already contemplating getting a divorce, schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney today.