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Did you know that while final orders are intended to hold for a long period of time, that if you can show changes in circumstances, you can update child custody or child support orders? Relying on the same divorce attorney who helped you before might or might not be the right fit for you, but you can always investigate this by sitting down with him or her first. Your Ridgewood divorce lawyer is important.

In order to change an existing child support order, you must be able to show a substantial change in circumstances. This often raises questions on behalf of parents who are curious about what qualifies as a substantial change in circumstances strong enough to enable a judge to update an existing child custody or child support order. You need to have an experienced attorney help you with this whether it relates to child support or child custody. If there are significant changes in either parent’s life, they may be eligible to modify a child custody or child support order. If you want to alter an existing court order, the first path is always to explore reaching a voluntary agreement with the other parent. However, without a court order, there is no way to enforce this if the other parent changes his or her mind.

If you want the protection of a court order, you will need a modification of parenting time custody or child support. This usually begins with submitting a written request to the court and the court will then hold a hearing. You must be prepared to present evidence about your substantial change in circumstances. Substantial changes in circumstances can include losing a job or suffering from a significant medical condition that requires the majority of your finances and more. Make sure that you speak specifically with your attorney first to figure out whether or not your current situation would apply for a substantial change in circumstances such that you could request a change to an existing order- your Paramus divorce lawyer is here to help.