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Who decides whether or not the couple should get divorced? New research indicates that the decision is being driven more by women in recent years. Some experts believe this is because of the greater financial mobility experienced by plenty of women who now have their own means to support themselves.

If a woman feels that she can get back on her feet shortly after getting divorced because she has her own income and resources, she’s more likely to consider divorce if it’s been on her mind for some time.

A study completed by Harvard University indicates that increasingly, women are pushing for divorces. The large study reveals that the primary reason women choose to divorce their husbands is lack of employment. Researchers looked at more than 46 years’ worth of data across the experiences of more than 6,000 heterosexual couples included in the panel study of income dynamics. They identified that those men who are not employed had a 3.3% chance of getting divorced compared with only a 2.5% chance of divorce for those men who were employed. Although that percentage difference might seem small, the study also looked at numerous other relationship factors such as economic co-dependence, finances and household responsibilities. However, none of these had as strong of a connection with the higher chance of divorce as the husband’s employment status. The study also identified that men have contributed to housework additionally on top of their full-time employment expectations.

However, the husband’s income did not matter as much as having a job at all. If you are contemplating getting a divorce, schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney so that you can walk through what to anticipate and how to move forward with protecting your best interests. There are many different complicated aspects associated with managing a divorce and the support of an attorney can go a long way towards helping you clarify the expectations and how to proceed in order to avoid most problems.