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Being a single parent is never easy. Going through a divorce and determining child custody can be some of the most difficult things for a family to go through, especially when you must now adapt to life in a new home on your own. Being a single father, however, can be an overwhelming prospect. If the mother is no longer interested in playing a parenting role, a single father has a great deal of responsibility all of a sudden.

A new study completed with parents across Canada found that single fathers may face higher risks of health conditions that could lead to premature fatality. This was compared with parents who were still together and single mothers. More than 40,000 people were included in this study across 11 years and the study identified that single dads tended to have the least healthy lifestyles and were associated with the highest premature mortality rate.

The study was not able to identify what makes single fathers more likely to pass away sooner but after adjusting for lifestyle, age, socio-demographic and health factors, the risk of death for single fathers over the course of the study was more than twice as high as other parents. Possible reasons for this included that single fathers also admitted to eating fewer vegetables and fruits and were more likely to binge drink.

Being mindful of the potential health implications of a divorce and having a plan in place to protect your interests by consulting with a knowledgeable divorce attorney is strongly recommended if you find yourself in this situation. Many people who are not aware of all the emotional and financial repercussions of divorce find themselves overwhelmed in the midst of the process.

Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney at the outset of determining to get a divorce can have a significant impact on your ability to move on with your life and to live a healthy lifestyle after the divorce has concluded. An attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.