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Do I Need to Tell My Boss About My Divorce?

Posted on : September 25, 2018, By:  Rita T. Jerejian, LLC

Deciding to get divorced is a very personal decision, even if you’ve weighed it out by discussing it with others over a long period of time. But just who needs to know about your divorce? And does your employer qualify as someone who should be told? It isn’t required that you tell your boss about […]

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You Could Be Headed for A Divorce If You Have A Friend Who Got One

Posted on : August 31, 2018, By:  Rita T. Jerejian, LLC

A new study discovered that having a friend who recently went through a divorce could mean that you are at higher risk of getting one yourself. Researchers from Harvard University, the University of California in San Diego, and Brown University identified that you are 75% more likely to get a divorce if a friend has […]

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What Parents Can Do to Help Kids Cope with Separation?

Posted on : July 24, 2018, By:  Rita T. Jerejian, LLC
Parents of Children with Disabilities

Children who are affected by parents getting a divorce has earned the spot as one of the most researched topics in sociology and other active fields. Separation and divorce can always be difficult, particularly for those couples who have kids, but parents can help children deal with the separation more effectively by presenting a united […]

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A New Harvard University Study Finds the Primary Reason Why Women Divorce Their Husbands

Posted on : July 2, 2018, By:  Rita T. Jerejian, LLC
Whey Do Women Divorce?

Who decides whether or not the couple should get divorced? New research indicates that the decision is being driven more by women in recent years. Some experts believe this is because of the greater financial mobility experienced by plenty of women who now have their own means to support themselves. If a woman feels that […]

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Could Money Issues Actually Help Your Marriage?

Posted on : May 29, 2018, By:  Rita T. Jerejian, LLC
Money Issues and Marriage

The pressure of adding finances together can be overwhelming for some couples. Over time, those financial concerns break down and cause problems between the couple that ultimately lead to divorce. There have been plenty of academic studies that have documented the possible problems associated with arguing over money. Arguing over money is a very common […]

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