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Do Parents of Children with Disabilities Have Higher Rates of Divorce?

Posted on : March 29, 2018, By:  Rita T. Jerejian, LLC

There is no doubt that having a child with disabilities can present a number of unique challenges and additional pressure points for a married couple or any couple raising a child. There are many different issues that come to mind for parents with disabilities, including stress, emotions, the financial repercussions, and even potentially, grief. As […]

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Study Shows That Single Fathers May Face Higher Fatality Risks

Posted on : March 2, 2018, By:  Rita T. Jerejian, LLC

Being a single parent is never easy. Going through a divorce and determining child custody can be some of the most difficult things for a family to go through, especially when you must now adapt to life in a new home on your own. Being a single father, however, can be an overwhelming prospect. If […]

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Understanding Shared Parenting and Child Custody Policy

Posted on : January 29, 2018, By:  Rita T. Jerejian, LLC
learn more about shared parenting policy and divorce

Shared parenting is a new approach to divorce and child custody considerations that can be confusing if you do not have the right divorce attorney representing your interests. In general, shared parenting is defined as allowing children at least 35% of their time with each parent. The remaining portion of the child’s time is then […]

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Husband’s Job Status: A Critical Divorce Factor

Posted on : January 2, 2018, By:  Rita T. Jerejian, LLC
you need a divorce lawyer if the stress is too much to stay married

Do money problems or employment issues raise fights between you and your spouse? If so, you’re not the only ones grappling with complex issues surrounding your relationship. The roles played in a relationship may be difficult for one or both spouses, ultimately leading you to think about separation or divorce. There are many different studies […]

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Will Cheating Affect Alimony Payments in New Jersey?

Posted on : November 27, 2017, By:  Rita T. Jerejian, LLC
does cheating affect alimony in NJ?

When you file for divorce, there’s a good chance you have a lot of questions about how particular issues will be determined. If you’re concerned about your ability to move on financially, division of property and determination of alimony will be top concerns. It’s never easy to make the decision to dissolve the marriage, but […]

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