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Benefits Of Mediation In A Divorce

Divorces tend to be high stress and often very contentious and, aside from the latter, they can also become quite costly. These types of tense divorce environments also trickle down to the children. Filing for a divorce isn’t the end, the process involves meetings with your attorney, court litigation and more. Mediation can help in calming the waters and creating an environment in which all parties involved can reach a more amicable conclusion to their divorce.

Dictate A More Amicable Outcome

Here’s the thing, outside of a courtroom, you have more flexibility and freedom over the end-result of your divorce as opposed to when the court is involved. Mediation allows you and your spouse to communicate more effectively.  In essence, you and your spouse are more able to manage the divorce process on your own terms with the help of mediation. Finding a middle ground and compromising over property divisions, child custody, child visitation, and even spousal support can all be better negotiated for the benefit of both parties when mediation is used as a divorce tool. In addition, when you file a divorce, a limited portion of your information can be found on the court record. With mediation, you can avoid the exposure of playing your divorce out in court. You can avoid having strangers listen in on the details of your life.

Keep Divorce Costs Down

Divorces can be extremely expensive, the cost of which can mount with each attorney meeting. In some cases, you will pay for each court date, not to mention every conversation and call with your attorney’s office. By the end of your divorce case, you will quite possibly have spent thousands of dollars. Mediation can help resolve your differences and may be able to bring closure to both you and your spouse on a much shorter timeline.

Get Help Mediating Your Divorce

If you and your spouse find yourself considering your options, if you are unsure, confused and need guidance, mediation may be a solution for you.  Contact my office today to learn more about how mediation can help you.