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Divorce is a complex process and many couples are not prepared for what they will face as they travel down the path of dissolving their marriage. Here are 5 surprising truths about divorce that can help you better understand what to expect during the process.

1. Divorce Is Always Hard

Divorce is never easy, but it’s difficult in different ways for different couples. Child custody or property division may prove to be challenging for you, or you may be shocked to find yourself upset about the divorce even if it’s what you wanted. Don’t go into divorce expecting it to be simple — whether you want a divorce or not, have kids or not, have property or not — there will be obstacles. That’s why a support network is so important.

2. If You Have Children, Your Ex Will Always Be a Part of Your Life

If you share custody of your children with your ex-spouse, you will always have to deal with them in one way or another. There’s no way to avoid them completely, and things they do will still get on your nerves or upset you. Remember that your children are important and having a relationship with both parents is healthy for them.

3. You Can “Get Back Out There” Whenever You Want

There’s no approved time limit after a divorce to start dating again. You can wait, or you can start meeting people right away. You don’t have to “date” a certain number of people before committing again, nor do you have to commit again immediately. The next relationships in your life are completely up to you, and you call the shots.

4. You Might Still Have to Deal With Ex-In Laws

If you have children, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dealing with your ex-in laws from time to time. They’ll still want to see their grandchildren, and it may not be appropriate to expect that they only have time with the kids when your ex-spouse has them. If the relationship between you and your ex-in laws is strained after the divorce, try to be polite and friendly. Or, you may find that your ex-in laws still love you just as much and understand that the divorce was necessary.

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